Soorebia Discloses The Secret Behind Him Winning The Next Rated Act,The 3Musik Awards 2020.

An Upper East based rapper known as Soorebia was adjudged the Next Rated Act during the 3musik awards 2020 edition and was granted an interview with Mzgee on TV3 and he disclosed the secret behind him winning the category.

According to Soorebia,the people of the north want to see them(the artistes) win so much that they feel like they don’t get the opportunity,so anytime they(the artist)get an opportunity their people feel like this could be their breakthrough and so they come out with numbers to support them.

Soorebia therefore added that he was not  surprised that he won because the support he received from his people in the north was massive despite being in the same category with other competitors from the traditional ten regions of Ghana.Artist such as Kwaku Smoke,Ypee and other artistes were part of that category.

Mzgee asked whether he(Soorebia)would like to throw shots at his colleague rappers in other to gain attention??

Soorebia answered by saying that,he doesn’t believe in beefs because of the repercussions that follows it.He added and I  quote “ We can be five or ten rappers at the top at the same time and nobody food will be taken away from the other”.

When asked whether he raps in only Frafra, Soorebia answered that ,he mainly raps in frafra but adds English and other languages in other to meet the interests of the general public.

Mzgee asked how he is planning to make his music blow in the south,He said he would like to work with artistes such as Sarkodie, Shatta Wale,Manifest and most of the big acts in the country.

Soorebia again added that he needs to make friends with people especially people in the media since they are those who can help push his music to the world.

Soorebia will be releasing his single titled Happiness to celebrate his winning the award.watch out for the song,it will be released on 15th May 2020 that’s coming Friday.




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