OnGoing: Ethnocentrism At Voter Registration Centers May Trigger Political Unrest – ASEPA 

Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability(ASEPA) has noted with great concerns, ongoing acts of discrimination and ethnocentrism at some voter registration centres most especially in the Bono and Ashanti regions.

It could be recalled that , ASEPA released a statement dated June 29th 2020 in which the Civil Society Organization lamented over deployment of some military personnel into border towns of the Volta region specifically in the Ho Central and Ketu South constituencies. ASEPA in the said release noted that government was setting a deadly precedence and warned that a stop be put to it as it may degenerate much more chaos in the subsequent days.

Today, it is very much obvious and transparent , the acts masterminded by some members and sympathizers of the ruling government on some residents of the aforementioned regions where ethnocentrism is rearing its ugly heads. ASEPA finds this disturbing as it has the tendency of generating political unrest and political instability. How justifiable is the fact that Voltarians and Northerners who are being discriminated against in Bono and Ashanti regions are Togolese ..??

How again justifiable is the fact that tagging Ghanaians as Togolese may not generate into political unrest , instability of all , act of slavery ..??.

Have these political actors of the ruling government in these regions forgotten that work and internal emigration and immigration. are necessities of ethnic mix-up.??

Fellow Ghanaians , ASEPA calls on other civil society organizations , the media , National Commission for Civic Education(NCCE) as well as the National House of Chiefs to act swifty and intensify their fight against this extremism before it turns bloody because persons being victimised by this unscrupulous sentiments keep running out of patience each passing day as the voting right conferred by the law on them are being denied .

ASEPA on the basis of this ongoing ethnocentrism foretell unrest and many other forms of slavery should this trend remain unattended to as it is highly expected to worsen even during the mop-up and subsequently exhibition stage in the round up to the December general elections .




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