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PROPHECIES, PROPHECIES, PROPHECIES…By the inspiration of the holy ghost, I have given spot on major prophecies on the national front which came to pass without fail, to the glory of the Lord, Jesus Christ.The hand of the Lord JUST CARRIED ME INTO THE SPIRIT AND AMONG THE THINGS I SAW ARE THESE

1. From now to the end of the year,*THERE WILL BE MURDER’S AMONG IT, WILL BE ONE OF OUR LEADING FIGURE’S(Name Withhold, I will let my team reach out to his outfit*

2. Let National Security Sit Up And Beef Our Security.

3. On The ELECTORAL COMMISSION, the worker who works with my Lord Jesus Christ told me to the tell the NATION TO DROP *THE NEW VOTERS REGISTER*I Saw Prophetically, its end leading the nation into disaster and I saw the Supreme Court IN FLAMES SPIRITUALLY. I was deeply worried when the man that works with my master showed me these things but however, I asked him however if the E’C goes ahead against all odds, the man smiled and tap*my shoulders and said…*DONT WORRY*THE INSPIRED WILL OF OUR GOD WILL BE EXPRESSED.

4. Let the media and its personalities PRAY…..On the 6th of March, I saw bad news about the media. Alas, I went ahead and said but was meet with insults and name callings tho it came to pass. I saw the person, will try to reach out but The hand of the Lord is UPON ME AND TAKE THIS…..I SAW THE MEDIA *CRY*I saw a beautiful promising leaf fall.(Let those in the public eye, seek God and their personal spiritual PROTECTION that’s my advice to who it may concern

5. I saw AGAIN in the spirit, a creature that was KEPT IN CHAINS. The kings, young men and women in the town were taken by surprise and didn’t understand why that CREATURE WAS BIND AND CHAINED. In fact, I was very terrified in the spirit but the man that works with me told me not to be TERRIFIED BUT LOOK MORE, then all of a sudden the STRONG MEN IN THE TOWN WENT TO UNTIE THE CREATURE that was tied and to my surprise, it was a DWARF THAT TIED THE CREATURE, THE MAN SAID I SHOULD SEE AND BEHOLD I SAW DEEPLY AND THE PEOPLE IN THE TOWN WITH THEIR KINGS ANGRILY SACKED THE *DWARF*Feing terrified, I saw the DWARF AND OTHER CREATURES GIVE WAY TO THE FIRST CREATURE and there was MASSIVE JOY. Let’s pray so God brings into our life the right men and women.

6. Anybody who wants to hear what God is saying about covid19 should check my 6thmarch 2020 POST AND I SAW IT AGAIN TODAY….
N.B.For sometime NOW’ I have tried all that I can to restrict myself from giving prophecies due to the ABUSE, LIES AND INSULTS, HURTS THAT COMES AFTER IT*…..May I say, these prophecies are from God and as much as I have tried not to say it! My master says and insist I should GO AHEAD…..ON THIS NOTE ANYONE WHO WILL COME ON MY PAGE OR ANY OTHER PAGE TO ABUSE ME FOR SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF MY LORD JESUS CHRIST BE *ACCURSED* FOREVER IN JESUS NAME, IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IT KINDLY READ AND GO YOUR WAY, THOSE WHO BELIEVE IT WORK ON IT…..BLESS YOU.
6.Lets PRAY FOR 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 🇬🇭 GHANA.

7. There is AN ATTACK ON THE CHURCH When the man that works with me was about to leave me…..*HE SHOUTED AND I SAW TEARS IN HIS EYES……In the Tears, I saw**PRAY FOR GHANA BOLDLY WRITTEN……Kindly Follow All The Health Procedures And Stay SAFE**Hill TV”, The Jesus Agenda, P.N.G.



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