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SON of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has apologised to his father.

Recent Daniel Duncan-Williams the Son of Archbishop Duncan-Williams tweets, His father is the best father anyone could wish for.

“Dear daddy @ArchbishopNick i would to Humbly apologize for the false accusations… You are the best father anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for loving me even through all the trials and tribulations”. he said

The family of the Duncan’s attributed his social media meltdown to a bipolar disease relapse.

A statement issued on Tuesday [June 9, 2020] in reaction to multiple viral video posts by Daniel Duncan-Williams, the family said their son has been battling with the disease for the past six years.

According to the statement, the failure to continue his prescribed medication causes him to relapse which results in his obscene social media posts.

During his much-publicised social media meltdown which occurred on Twitter and Snapchat, Daniel Duncan accused his father of being a demon among other things.

Daniel also shared nude videos of himself and engaged in sexual acts with women.


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