Video Of Yaa Naa Statement Debunked PRO Clarification

Video Of Yaa Naa Statement Debunked PRO Clarification


A civil society organization by name Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana (ADAM-GH) visited the overlord of Dagbong Yaa Naaa Abubakari Mahama on 10th of June 2020 and pettitioned him about the EC new voter’s register and requirements of registration.
After the executive secretary of ADAM-GH Mr. Azubila briefed the Paramount Chief, the chief made a categorical statement by calling on the EC to make sure no Ghanaian is disenfranchised in the voter registration or during voting. He said Ghana Democracy started not today and existing voter’s ID cards has always been a requirement for new one and therefore, the EC should be circumspect in it mandate not to disenfranchised any Ghanaian.




Yaa Naa Abubakari Mahama statement on a video debunked his PRO supposed “clarification” on a phone call interview with TV3 network on the new Voter’s Register. A video circulating on the social media confirmed Yaa Naa Abubakari Mahama earlier call on the EC to be circumspect and make sure every Ghanaian is given the opportunity to register and vote.

After the Paramount Chief made this call to the media houses present on live TV program, unfortunately there has been attempt to twist what the overlord said. But this video confirmed what has been published earlier. The Chief made this statement in Dagbanli language and any person who is a Dagomba can testify through this video.



The executive secretary of Anchoring Democracy Advocacy Movement Ghana ADAM-GH Mr. Azubila Salam Emmanuel in a press conference on the same day after his pettition to Yaa Naa also reemphasized what the overlord of Dagbong traditional area said and thanked the Paramount Chief for adding his voice to the National house of Chiefs earlier call.




It’s still not clear why the PRO of Yaa Naa decided to twist what the Paramount Chief said on live TV program but the video in circulation has debunked the PRO supposed clarification.


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