Money Making Secrets You Don’t Know, Find Out.

1. Stop Being A Prisoner Of Your Own Mind

They say cheaters never win. But having a negative mindset from the get-go is another form of cheating…but this time you’re cheating yourself.

Your words, thoughts, and beliefs can either pump you up or hold you back. Winners and successful people alike know that quite well. “I WILL earn what I want to earn.” “I WILL double my income by the end of the year.” It’s all mind over matter.

2. Multiple Sources Of Income = Stability

Remember that one source of income – especially if it’s a full-time job and nothing else – isn’t ideal. You should aim for four additional sources to your main source. The reason? No single source is guaranteed to last forever. It’s always safer to buy properties, create or build assets, and earn passive income through other means. The economy can change up like the weather.

3. Learn From People Who Have Made Money

Let’s say you wanted to climb Mount Everest. Who do you think would be more helpful in that regard: (A) someone who studies mountains and climbing but never climbed Everest or (B) someone who already did it?

It’s a no-brainer. You’d rather learn directly from someone who experienced the same journey you plan to take. They’d be more credible. They’d know all the highs and lows you ought to expect. So it’s the same deal for learning how to build your wealth.

4. Find A Mentor

If you’re truly committed to your money goals…you want guidance from the best mentor you can find. People rarely reach the top of anything without somebody else’s help. You need solid mentorship – and you’ll need to pay for it. Don’t expect others to offer their expertise for free.

5. First Figure Out Where You Want To Go

I’m a firm believer in setting yourself specific goals. Clear destinations. They make it much easier to map out a good path so you’re unlikely to stumble along the way.

How much do you want to earn per year? How much would you want in your emergency fund in ten years’ time? Those are the questions you should think about before doing stuff with your money.

6. Do What You Love

What do you love to do? It’s not necessarily the thing your parents suggest. Nor is it the thing that many people say is “easy” to go through. Only you can answer that. It’s that simple.

Whatever it is you love doing, it’s got to be a combination of something you’re good at and something you’re willing to work hard on. The passion has to be there because you can’t expect instant results. You need that drive to make an effort each day and be consistent. The success – and money – comes after.


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