Why Are You Running Away From A Forensic Audit If You Truly Won The Elections-ASEPA Ask Govt

Why Are You Running Away From A Forensic Audit If You Truly Won The Elections-ASEPA Ask Govt:

Folks, do you know that the Presidential Results of the 2020 Elections has been gazetted by the EC?

What was really the rush?
Because everything this EC has done in this elections goes further to confirm the suspicion of the opposition that it rigged this Elections for President Akufo-Addo.

The way and manner it rushed through a declaration, making simple arithmetic mistakes that a class one pupil will not make.

Then even when the it admitted to making mistakes and amended its own results 8 times subsequently, it has still rushed another process by gazetting the error ridden results!

It’s as if the only instruction written in the appointment letter of Jean Mensa was ”return Nana Akufo-Addo to the Flagstaff house”

The New Patriotic Party in the full glare of these irregularities have also acted irresponsibly by claiming the victory on the basis of the error ridden results.

The General Secretary of the Party, Mr.John Boadu in a news conference asserted that according to them as Party the Elections is over…!

Folks, some key stakeholders including the Flagbearer of the NDC has called for a forensic audit of the results, other well-meaning Ghanaians, Civil Society Organisations and some International observers have also backed this call for a forensic audit of the figures due to several mistakes the EC itself has admitted to but the EC would not budge and the NPP would not subject their flawed victory to any scrutiny whatever.

So the fundamental question would be….What is the NPP afraid of?
Why are they running away from a forensic audit if they truly won?

Because if you truly won the elections, irrespective of the number of audits carried out on the figures, you would eventually be pronounced the winner, the losing Party would concede and we will all move on.

But when you put up a fierce resistance against an audit of the same figures on which you are claiming victory, then you deepen the suspicion of opposition Parties and International Observers that may be you didn’t win the elections and you are afraid a forensic audit may expose that.

But I think in the interest of our democracy, we must insist on this forensic audit, not because we don’t like the winner of this elections, but because the EC itself has admitted dire mistakes that casts doubt on the credibility of the elections and the only ideal thing to do to bring closure to the losing parties and also to bring confidence to winning parties would be a forensic audit of the figures.

Both Parties stands to benefit from the forensic audit, but most importantly our democracy would be the ultimate beneficiary!

Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA


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