Which Couples on Netflix’s Love Is Blind Are Going to Make It? [ARTICLE]

Which Couples on Netflix's Love Is Blind Are Going to Make It? [ARTICLE]


On Feb. 13, Netflix dropped the first five-episode installment of Love Is Blind , an incredible new dating show where singles fall in love and get engaged without ever seeing each other. It’s wild! It’s amazing! It makes you wonder: How the heck is that even possible? Well, apparently it is.

In the first batch of episodes, we saw six couples get engaged on Love Is Blind and head to Mexico to spend time with each other in person. (Fun fact: Netflix confirmed to Men’s Health that eight couples got engaged in the pods, but the show only followed six of them as their relationships progressed.) In the second batch of episodes, which dropped Feb. 20, the couples moved into new apartments, saw each other’s homes, and met each other’s loved ones. Unfortunately, not every couple is going to make it to their wedding day. Here’s what to know about every couple that got engaged on Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

Lauren and Cameron

This extremely cute couple were the first to get engaged on the show. Won’t lie, Cameron’s tearful proposal kind of sort of made us tear up. After meeting the other couples in Mexico, Lauren felt like she and Cameron had something different and deeper. “I feel like our connection is super special,” she told the camera.

The good news: Fans have found evidence that Lauren and Cameron are still together ! And based on the shots of Cameron’s home in the second batch of Love Is Blind episodes, it definitely looks like his front porch is in the background of some of her Instagram photos.

Meet Lauren:

Meet Cameron:

The best part of their relationship: Of all the couples, they seem like the most rock-solid. They just get each other, on a fundamental level. They’re also really attracted to each other. “The physical connection is absolutely there,” a giggly Cameron told the camera in Mexico.

Potential obstacles: Lauren has expressed some nerves about navigating a relationship with a white guy for the first time in her life. “It’s my life to live, and I’ll just have to take whatever comes with that,” Lauren said. “If I have to make some people uncomfortable in the process, so be it.”

Damian and Giannina

All hail Damian and Giannina’s dual proposal. First, he proposed to her; then, she proposed to him. But from there, things have been kind of a rollercoaster ride. They fight a lot, and in the second batch of episodes, their families weren’t exactly the most supportive of this whole Love Is Blind process.

Meet Damian:

Meet Giannina:

The best part of their relationship: At first, we’d have said it was their sexual chemistry, which seemed off-the-charts right from the start. But in the second batch of episodes, Giannina accuses Damian of never initiating sex with her, so… We’re not sure what the best part of their relationship is anymore. And we’re pretty sure it’s Giannina who goes running down the street in a wedding dress .

Potential obstacles: Their communication could stand to be…better. In episode five, Damian and Giannina clashed about whether Damian was still capable of opening up the way he did in the pod. It’s hard to tell if the issue is Damian’s communication skills, or Giannina’s admitted habit of self-sabotaging her relationships. In the second batch of episodes, the nonstop fighting continuesuntil Damian makes it all go away by planning a fancy helicopter ride. (We’re concerned about Damian’s finances if this is his primary mode of conflict resolution.)

Kelly and Kenny

Kelly and Kenny are extremely freaking cute. Their first night together in Mexico, Kenny showed Kelly how to “count shoulders,” and said he was excited for a whole lot of kissing and cuddling. Precious! But over time, cracks began to develop in their relationshipnamely, in the sex department.

Meet Kelly:

Meet Kenny:

The best part of their relationships: These two seem super mature. It seems like they’ll be great at navigating conflict together. In episode five, Jessica tells Kelly that everyone thinks Kelly and Kenny are the couple most likely to grow old together.

Potential obstacles: In episode five, Kelly mentioned her concern that they both have super-demanding jobs. She wasn’t kidding: In episode six, as soon as the Mexico trip was over, Kelly had to jet to San Diego for a conference.

Another potential obstacle? Their sexual chemistry. At the women’s bachelorette party, Kelly talks about how Kenny gives her a “best friend vibe.” Uh oh.

Barnett and Amber

Barnett made things a wee bit complicated when he developed relationships with LC, Jessica, and Amber. In the end, he proposed to Amberwho ultimately said she loved how much he irritated her. (Red flag?)

Meet Barnett:

Meet Amber:

The best part of their relationship: They’re both kinda goofy, and seem like they can have a lot of fun together.

Potential obstacles: How’s Amber gonna feel when she watches Love Is Blind and sees the relationships Barnett built with LC and Jessica? And you gotta wonder if they’re capable of getting deep and emotional when they’re not joking around with each other. There are also financial hurdles the couple will have to deal with: In the second batch of episodes, Amber confesses that she has makeup-induced credit card debt and $20,000 in student loans.

Mark and Jessica

These two had a connection despite their 10-year age gap: He’s 24 and she’s 34. They especially bonded over their shared faith. But when they met IRL, Jessica wasn’t feeling it the way Mark was: She struggled to feel a physical spark…and maybe still nursed a crush on Barnett?

Meet Mark:

Meet Jessica:

The best part of their relationship: Mark really really really loves Jessica.

Potential obstacles, besides their age difference: Mark really really really loves Jessicaand he’s definitely more into the relationship that Jessica is. In the pods, Mark was always 100% in on Jessicabut she was into him and Barnett. She even admitted the physical attraction to Mark wasn’t there right away.

At Barnett’s birthday party in the second batch of episodes, Jessica has a little too much to drink, and it becomes preeeetty clear she’s still into Barnett. We feel bad for Jessica: It’s okay for this weird pod process not to work, but she clearly doesn’t want to give up on it. Well, the mental gymnastics (and one very cute indoor picnic) pay off; by the women’s bachelorette party, Jessica seems to have successfully reignited her passion for Mark.

RIP: Carlton and Diamond

Carlton and Diamond seem great together, but when they got engaged, there was something he still hadn’t told her: He’d dated women and men in the past.

In Mexico, Diamond noticed the energy between her and Carlton changed from when they were in the pods togetheralmost like he was nervous about something. And she was right! Carlton was struggling with when to open up about his sexuality. When he did, it didn’t go…greatwhich is to say, it spiraled into a screaming match that ended with Diamond taking off her ring and storming away. The whole thing was really sad and hard to watch.

Meet Carlton:

He’s made his Instagram private since the show aired.

Meet Diamond:


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