Together We Can And We Will Build A nation – John Mahama

I am John Mahama, Presidential Candidate of the National Democratic Congress, ( NDC).

I come before you to ask for your vote.

Together we can and we will build a nation that creates opportunities for all of us, not a privileged few; that will improve our living standards and reduce the hardship brought upon us by this government.

Just like you, I believe everybody, all of us, should have access to healthcare. This is why the NDC will be rolling out a Free Primary Healthcare Plan for all!

Just like you, I believe mothers are sacred, and they deserve quality time with their newborn babies. This is why we are increasing the maternity leave for mothers to four months.

Just like you, I believe women are equal to men, and their voice should always be heard. This is why I chose Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, as my running mate.

Just like you, I believe young people are right to expect to live in a modern, vibrant Ghana.

This is why we will transform this country into a knowledge-based economy, driving our development through a digitalized platform that provides millions of opportunities for our young people to harness their talents, skills and potentials.

Just like you, I want to leave a legacy! This is why I am running for President.

I will make you proud to be a Ghanaian. I will make you proud of who you are, make you hope for what we can become – a truly developed nation.

Be proud of what we can become as a country and join me in my quest to lead our country there, by voting for me, John Mahama, No. 2 on the ballot paper on 7th December.

Let us make it a collective duty to bring about the change that we all desire in ourselves, our youth, our community and our country.

In John Mahama, you have a President you can TRUST, a President with a track record of development, a President that knows and has the experience of managing difficult situations.

I have a great vision for our country.

Together, we can leave a legacy!

The time is now!

Vote John Mahama for Jobs and Prosperity for all.



Edrine Yeboah

I'm Edrine, popularly known as Edrino Greatness, a Ghanaian sensational blogger with so much passion for blogging. I'm a Team player and can work under any circumstances. I believe in possibilities and can do spirit. You can get in touch with me by contacting me on +233570405064 or Send me a messsage on WhatsApp. we publish Articles and also help promote upcoming and mainstream Artistes to upload their songs as well on our page. I leave you with my favorite quote "Every dream is possible and there is nothing one cannot do if you put your mind to it".

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