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Kwesi Pratt Makes U-turn As He Reveals The Party He Will Vote For In 2020 Presidential Elections

Your one vote really counts in this incoming election. Are you going to vote for a certain politician because he or she needs your vote or are you going to vote for development? I guess we will surely know on the due date.

Ghana will surely vote for one of the two major political parties in Ghana, with one on a rescue mission to save you and the other asking for ‘4 more to do more’ or is there going to a surprise for the first time in our election history? The truth will be unfold soon!

Popular seasoned journalist who is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Insight newspaper, Kwesi Pratt seems to know who he will vote for coming 7th December.

The renowned media personnel has made his point clear to vote for someone who will promise to give a year maternity leave to women as he holds the view that women at this stage should be given one year maternity leave for them to get ample time to care for their babies.

Ghana’s law only permits lactating female workers to take a maternity leave of three months with full salary but some critics argue that the period is too short as mothers will not get ample time to look after their babies.

The man said on an FM program, ”In fact, the addition of one month is small. Any person who’s seen a six-week baby and the measures we have say that when your baby is six weeks old, leave the baby home and go to work; then you are wicked.”

Kwesi Pratt as I said earlier has promised to cast his vote for any presidential aspirant who promises one year maternity leave and it seems he has already found out the party he will vote for coming 7th December elections.

The founder and flagbearer of Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) in her manifesto launch promised one year maternity leave for lactating mothers which means Kwesi Pratt will surely be casting his vote for Akua Donkor.

He should honour his promise should Akua Donkor pay the Ghc 100,000 filling fee.

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