Bomb Explosion In Labadi Leaves Many In Fear

Three siblings, according to some residence of the South Labadi Estate in Accra, nearly lost their lives, while playing with an object believed to be a grenade, when it exploded.

The explosion is said to have happened last Tuesday, 4th August 2020 at a place closer to La Tawala Beach Resort.

The only boy, amongst the three siblings, who is 7 years, is said to be in a critical condition. His two sisters also suffered various degrees of injury.

The kids were said to have gone to the beach to win sand, but found the bombs and started playing with them, when one exploded.

Their father’s name was given as “Atta Oko”, a mason, were found motionless by a resident, who raised alarm.

The sound and effect of the heavy explosion, were felt in the estate, leading to the resident rushing out to verify where it had come from, only to find them motionless. They were rushed out for medical treatment.

The Herald’s information is that a combined team of police and military personnel came to the site the following day, Wednesday, August 5, 2020 to detonate another one and retrieve the rest.

Many residents., who are living in fear, are asking why the security agencies, have remained tightlipped on the matter.

The explosion was described as very loud sending shivers and fear down the spine of the residents.

As the security agencies remain silent over the matter, there are, however, suspicions that the explosives were deliberately planted by a faction of the Abafom Clan in La.

There is said to be a fight over the land by members of the clan, and a faction is believed to have planted the explosives to deter the other claimants.

However, others also feel the explosive might have come from the sea.

The Herald is working on getting additional details on the matter.

The herald


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