2 robbers dead after clash with Police in Tema

Two suspected robbers on a motorbike have died after engaging in a shootout with police in Tema.

The robbers are said to have tracked some businessmen who went to withdraw money at a bank within the Tema Metropolitan Assembly.

According to one of the businessmen, he and his partner, a Lebanese, are importers who deal in frozen fish at the Tema Fishing Harbour.

He explained they went to withdraw an amount of ¢123, 000 but some bank staff sensed danger when they saw the motorbikes outside the bank.

He said the staff advised they wait for some time but when the suspected robbers failed to leave, the bank offered a police officer as escort.

On their way, the suspects crossed their vehicle, attacked them and took the money.
The police officer opened fire, resulting in an exchange which left both suspects killed.

The bodies of the deceased have been deposited at the Police Hospital mortuary.
The police have also impounded the motorbike and a pistol with some rounds of ammunition from the scene.


Samuel Kofi Antwi

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