It Will Be Suicidal For Ghanaians To Give Mahama And NDC A Second Chance in December 7th – Joseph Nanga

It Will Be Suicidal For Ghanaians To Give Mahama And NDC A Second Chance in December 7th - Joseph Nanga


The Kintampo North Constituency Youth Organizer of the Ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Honorable Joseph Nanga Nyindam also known as “ MUTUMINA ” has advised Ghanaians not to adhere to the sweet talks and numerous promises of the Former President John Dramani Mahama.

He said, the Former President happens to be the luckiest Ghanaian, Who has occupied almost all the vital positions one will dream of occupying in Ghana including the highest seat of the land, the Presidency. That is, Assembly member, Member of parliament, Deputy Minister, Minister of state, Vice President, acting President and later the President of the Republic.

According to Mutumina, one would have thought that, having gained all these political experience and having been the luckiest Vice President whose Boss had given him all opportunity to stear the affairs and hold vital positions in Ghana, he would have used all the expertise acquired to better the lives of the ordinary Ghanaians.

It is sudden to note that, under his watch as the President who is now the opposition leader, the country experienced an abysmal performance;

John Mahama presided over a corrupt government, where corruption hit all corners of the country including Sada, Gyeeda, Bus branding, STX deal, Hope City Project, Double Salaries of Some Ministers of State etc.

The country experienced the worse economic indicators under his tenure as President of Ghana.
He mismanaged Ghana’s economy. Ghana, the shining Star of Africa which discovered oil by Former President J.A. Kuffour and subsequently named an oil producing country, has to in just four years later under John Mahama rushed to *IMF* for policy credibility (bailout).

Economic growth under John Mahama dropped from 14% in 2011 to 3.6% in 2016, the lowest in more than 24 years in our history as a country.

We experienced “Dumsor” for four years leading to the collapsed of many Ghanaians businesses and several foreign giants also folding to neighbouring Countries
The energy sector saddled with debt of more than GHC 10 billion plunging the country into a constant power cuts.

Agricultural Sector saw a major decline for which growth had fallen to 2.2% in 2016, high cost of food prices and importation of staple food items such as maize, tomatoes among others which could have been produced locally if our farmers were supported.

Struggling health sector with inadequate staffing following employment freeze and health insurance collapsing under a debt of more than GHC 1.2 billion forcing service providers to resort to Cash and Carry.

Massive decline in the industrial sector with growth rate plunging to -0.5%.

Weak banking sector leading to collapse of several banks, micro finances and savings and loans companies. High inflation (15.4%), budget deficit of 9.3%, Dept to GDP ratio of 73.4% and size of GDP of GHc 164b.

He superintended over cancellation of pro poor social intervention policies such as nurses and teacher trainees allowance etc under his tenure.

The former president John Dramani Mahama who is seeking for a second chance from the good people of Ghana did not only fight the introduction of Free Senior High education but still fighting it’s implementation.

Having elaborated on all the above, the Youth Organizer calls on all Ghanaians not to adhere to the lies and deceit and of course the promises of the Former President and the NDC since they have nothing good to offer the good people of Ghana. They will come and destroy all that has been restored by the NPP Government in just three and half years of good Leadership.

He also admonished Fellow Ghanaians to give His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo four more years to continue the LEADERSHIP OF GOOD SERVICE and the massive infrastructural development, economic transformation and other interventions he has started.

Thank you

*Joseph Nanga Nyindam (Mutumina)*
Constituency Youth Organizer, NPP-Kintampo North


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