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Showbwoy,Nambawan and RockCity Are The Hot Cakes Artistes In Upper East-Abolga Punchline King

Abolga Punchline king,a very controversial guy when it comes to upper east music industry,wrote on his Facebook page today throwing shots at some bloggers and and also showered praises on the above mentioned artistes .

Read the whole text:

“Today, I decided to put on my usual raw attitude and make a bold submission. I have watched and listened for long and I think I can talk today.

Late last year, I eavesdropped a conversation which involved a group of young guys, some actively involved in entertainment. They made an allegation that Harmattan Gh has deliberately allowed Joseph Dumolga(a blogger)to try all he can to dirty or tarnish the reputation or image of all other artistes that are a competition or a threat or a potential threat to the dominance of Soorebia in the region.Well at the time, I wouldn’t say he was dominating until he won the Next Rated Artiste award at the 3Music Awards. So, I chuckled and thought to myself that they were just unnecessarily “hating on” Soorebia.

Soorebia might not know the alleged evil people are doing around him to push him to the top, so I render my undeserved apology to him for mentioning his name. If I don’t, I wouldn’t be satisfied with my submission.
As I sit today, and thinking similarly like IS MA IL, Dumolga has an agenda and that agenda is to knock off as many competitions to Soorebia as possible.

I just don’t talk. I study a whole lot of happenings around me before I do. I have read most of Dumolga’s articles and painstakingly analysed his sentences/utterances and realized how he subtly projects Soorebia as the biggest artiste in the region at the least opportunity, and how he equally subtly throws dirt on other artistes to dim their light and dampen their spirits.

I even wrote an article about this particular observation and quoted some of his comments but I later delayed publishing it because I thought then that I needed enough clues. Unfortunately today, I can’t trace the article. His type are those I don’t like in the industry; ignorant, selfish and egomaniacal people deployed (I believe sometimes) to see to the downfall of others in order to push others up.

I have a strong conviction that Bilbod (the owner of the site) and his team are aware of this but they probably don’t care because THEY are not negatively affected. In the same way you (Bilbod) wouldn’t allow your site to be used to discredit your artiste, don’t allow it to be used to run your other brothers down.Why doesn’t he say negative things about Soorebia? That’s because you will not allow it. That’s why some industry players tag that blog “Family and Friends Blog”. If he (Dumolga) thinks this is the best way to go, I tell him that the cake is not worth the candle.

Let’s consider these artistes (Showboy, Nambawan, Rockcity). They are the hot cakes in Bolgatanga; THEY have the fan base, THEY produce the hits, THEY headline shows, and they have built good brands for themselves over the years, and they are those who have been consistently jabbed, mostly without basis. Surprisingly, these guys are hardly commended for anything by this guy.

Are we to always talk about only the negative to help someone change or reform? Let’s not forget the quotation that “When virtues are pointed out first, flaws seem less insurmountable .” Commend when it’s necessary, and praise when it’s necessary because the two always work to make someone better.

Whether we like it or not, these names are among our best options if want a future for the music we do around here. Let’s hold up all our aces and we may just succeed.

I welcome a shot at artistes once in a while to put them on the right track, but that shot should have a specific target. Is the shot aimed at the artiste’s delivery, performance, production, content, or what? For instance, is it fair to just label an artiste as “thrash” on a whole? What about the artiste do you think is ” thrash”? Rap Naaba for instance has a problem with rhythm but he has very good content. Apusigabwouy is worse than the former in the same regard but he is comical and does well in branding himself as an artiste.So how do you label them as thrash? I guess my point is clear. If a critic cannot be specific about his criticisms, then I will classify that critic as a bitter person who is just out to kill talent or for other spiteful reasons. Let’s not hide behind the thinking that criticisms are necessary in positively shaping an individual to unduly hurt others.

To all concerned about the success of this infant industry, I’m telling you to open your eyes very well and see what’s going on. I can tell you from a good source that there will be a physical confrontation soon.”

This is Yakubu Adizono,a reporter of ZackGh.com . I have passion for blogging, just link up for for a massive promotion of your brand, music, products etc. Call or WhatsApp on +233241128533


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