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GFA to build gym, swimming pool and multipurpose court from FIFA Forward money


The FA is expected to receive $6 million in four years from FIFA, as monies to support the member federation.

At the 26th Congress of the Football Association on Tuesday, Mr. Okraku announced the money will be used to build a gym, a swimming pool and a multipurpose court.

“The FIFA Forward 1.0 programme will also see an investment of $280,000 into boreholes at League Centres & Game Centres across the nation as well as upgrade in I.T to improve competitions. It involves supply of PCs, Scanners, printers as well as internet to clubs,”he said.

“We will also use some of the money from the FIFA Forward 2.0 to complete projects like a multipurpose court, a swimming pool, a gym and others here at the Ghanaman Soccer Center of Excellence,” he added.

The FA are making strides to return football to it’s glory days, with the introduction of several initiatives including the ‘catch them young refereeing’ policy.

Last month, the FA through UEFA support also acquired a mini van for referees at the juvenile level.


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