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Black Is King And Other Great Black Movies Streaming On Disney+

Beyoncé and Disney originally teamed up for 2019’s The Lion King live-action movie.


She voiced adult Nala and helped give the movie it’s spirit. Along with starring in The Lion King, Beyoncé recorded an album specifically for the movie, The Lion King: The Gift. Her movie Black is King is the film companion to the album.

The movie is not only a tribute to The Lion King, but also to black stories.

Black is King is just one of the movies available on Disney+ that showcases stories about black characters. Here are some of the movies and TV Shows on Disney+ with black main characters that you should check out.

Beyoncé and her team created a visual spectacle with 2020’s Black Is King. It takes inspiration from The Lion King story, which in turn draws inspiration from Hamlet, so it’s the story of a young African prince who went on exile when his father died.

He went on a journey and became a man worthy of the throne. The adult prince is played by Nyaniso Dzedze.

Black Is King’s cast includes Nandi Madida, Warren Masemola, and Sibusiso Mbeje.

Black is King also had some celebrities like cameos, Jay-Z, Naomi Campbell, Blue Ivy Carter, and Kelly Rowland.

If you enjoy the Lemonade concept movie, then you are more likely to enjoy this celebration of black heritage and tribute to The Lion King story and it’s deep African roots.

Beyoncé and her team created the movie to represent black beauty in it’s many different forms, and it succeeded at that goal.


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