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Home Health Avoid Chewing Of Gum Before Having S3x Here’s The Motive Behind.

Avoid Chewing Of Gum Before Having S3x Here’s The Motive Behind.

Avoid Chewing Of Gum Before Having Sex.Here’s The Motive Behind.

It’s a Blast night and you’re snuggling up with your sweetheart. The Clasp is getting closer and you know that sometime soon you’re going to be kissing.

So what do you do? A Lot of us will Instantly Go Through our breath on the sly. If it’s not fresh, and smells a bit Jazzy, you’ll probably opt to slip a piece of gum in your mouth. Mint flavored gum is a popular choice because commercials tell us it will make your breath reminiscent of freshly fallen snow or frigid frozen ice caps.

Obstructive to what you might think, you don’t want to make this mistake. Your breath may smell minty fresh, but in time, you’ll be Pour out other odors from somewhere else other than your mouth.

It’s Real. Like broccoli or garlic, gum is something you may want to avoid before having sex. The following are a number of reasons you’ll want to consider skipping the gum chewing if you plan on getting intimate with a special someone.

When you chew gum, you’re doing a couple of things to your digestive system that often results in Irksome  Fragrance  a little later on. Chewing gum tells your stomach that food is on its way down — except it isn’t. In Forecast of being fed, the stomach activates and Liberate its digestive juices that aid in the breaking down of food (via The Gastric Guru). When those enzymes go unused, the result is tummy blown Up and wind from down under.

Alternatively of solids (i.e., food), the physical act of chewing gum introduces air into your digestive system when you Take In.Oracle at Men’s Health say this builds up gas in the digestive system resulting in burping, and yes, farting.

If that’s not enough to put an end to sexy time, know that gum has one more trick up its sleeve that may stop you from proceeding.

Whether it’s you or your partner that’s the gum-chewer, you’ll be disturbed to learn that research has shown that peppermint — found in mint gum — can lower testosterone levels. A study published in the medical journal Croaker  reported that male rats who were given herbal mint tea experienced a drop in testosterone secretion.

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