What would you do if it were you?


I met him on a trip to Dubai. I was with my family and he was alone. We were on a cruise on the desert together and one thing led to another. I am a single lady banker of 27 years and God has been good to me. I’m blessed.

This young man was a sole entrepreneur dealing in car tyres but never had his own shop. He claimed he supplied directly to the clients so I was thrilled and fell in love. I later got to know that the apartment he lives in was hired and he claimed that business had gone bad, I naturally started supporting.

By the time I realized, I was a full fledged financier. My worry is, he won’t call to check up on me until I do so. The only time he calls is when he needs money. Recently, he called to tell me he needed a top up of 25,000 to buy a car.

Though I want to give him that amount of money, I am afraid. His demanding of money from me frightens me and he never makes me know the concrete things he’s doing. When I push his legs, he always says I don’t trust him. Though I really love him, I’m scared he may just be with me because of my cash.

I love him, so what do I do?


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