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We Welcome JDM’s ‘Mortuary’ Promise – Abirem NDC Zongo Caucus Coordinator

Ever since former President of Ghana and the NDC Presidential candidate, H.E John Dramani Mahama, highlighted his party’s proposed interventions in the People’s Manifesto for Zongos and Deprived Urban Settlements in Ghana, there has been several discussions from the various political divide especially on the promise of establishing morgues in accordance with Islamic customs and practices in our various state morgues.

The promise has generated so much brouhaha to the extent that the opposition NPP’s National Nasara Coordinator, Haruna Futah Aziz, has described the yet to be implemented policy as ‘anti-Islamic and absurd’.

But in a quick response from the Zongo Caucus Coordinator of the National Democratic Congress in Abirem Constituency in the Eastern region, Mr Is-haque Ibn Isah says Prez Mahama hasn’t stated anywhere that he will build more mortuaries in the Zongo communities when elected into office as his statement in an interview with TV XYZ and Woerzor TV has been misconstrued and misquoted by his political opponents for mischievous purposes and to whip up anti-Muslim sentiments against the NDC.

Setting the records straight on what the NDC really intends to do, the young and enigmatic Zongo Caucus Coordinator said the former Prez was only highlighting how the next NDC government will facilitate the establishment of the morgues in our already existing state mortuaries in accordance with Islamic practices to preserve the sanctity of Islamic dead bodies as captured in the People’s Manifesto and that the issue of having a separate Muslim mortuary at our various hospitals for keeping of bodies before burial has long been propagated by various Islamic scholars and Zongo Chiefs across the country.

Mr Is-haque continued by saying the idea of incorporating Islamic morgues into our already existing state mortuaries was not the brainchild of one person but was borne out of the NDC Manifesto committees engagement with the people in the Zongo communities. In his own words, Mr Is-haque said, “During the inauguration of the Manifesto committee, our flag bearer, H.E John Dramani Mahama, admonished us to engage stakeholders in the Zongos for their views on our manifesto “.

“So officials from the National Zongo Caucus Secretariat came round and solicited for our views and these were some of the inputs that we the Zongo people gave, that is why our manifesto is dubbed as the “The People’s Manifesto”. So we the people expressed our desire to include the establishment of a separate Morgue for Muslims in the manifesto, so basically the idea was from we the people”, he added.

Mr Is-haque reiterated that the promise of having a separate morgue for Muslims by Prez Mahama has received the endorsement of top Zongo chiefs and Imams and any attempt to make mockery of the policy is an insult to the Chiefs and Imams and the Islamic faith in general.

Issues of mishandling of Islamic dead bodies in our various mortuaries has been topical in recent times as most Islamic fanatics believe the frustrations families go through before bodies of relatives are released for burial are too much not to even talk of how some bodies are left naked on the bare floor of mortuaries coupled with male mortuary attendants working on female Muslim corpses which is inappropriate according to Islamic practices.

Therefore many Islamic scholars believe it will be more dignifying to have a morgue for Muslims at our various hospitals in order to preserve the sanctity of the dead as our Holy Prophet(SAW) admonished in (Al Buhari Hadith 2.401) which reads “Hurry up with the dead body for it was righteous, you are forwarding it to welfare; and if it was otherwise, then you are putting off an evil thing down your necks.”

By:Samuel Kwame Oppong



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