Zion Felix, Yemy Baba And Monte Oz Talk About Blogging, Publicity Stunt And Other Things (Part 1)

Blogging is one of the hobbies or profession so many people find it difficult to define what it really is, who actually bloggers are, what they do and how they earn their money, if they do make some income out of the time they waste on the phone or in front of the PC.

ZackGh.com captured a beautiful discussion of 3 of the top bloggers in Ghana, Zion Felix, Yemmy Baba And Monte Oz who talked so much about blogging, publicity stunt and so many others things of which we wish to share with you, perhaps you might learn something.

Watch the discussions by clicking on the Video below:

Zack Agon

I'm Zack Agon a.k.a The Hatman, a song writer, a blogger, teacher and a business man. I'm the owner of Ghanalegendary.com and Zackgh.com. I have passion for blogging just about every interesting topic. Get in touch with me on +233246187160

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