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Thomas Partey’s First Interview: Sets Ambitious Objective Since Arsenal Move

Thomas Partey has confidently said in one of his interviews that Arsenal’s aim is to win the Premier League title after his £45million switch from Atletico Madrid to Arsenal.

Thomas Partey moved to north London to complete his transfer deadline.

Arteta is betting on  Partey to propel Arsenal further forward, however, looking at how the Gunners have made a strong start to the season, with a win of three of their opening four Premier League games and at fourth position in the early season table.

It is not surprising that Arteta acknowledges that at the moment, Arsenal is not at a level where it can challenge Liverpool and Manchester City at the Premier League summit.

However,  their long-term aim, is what they are looking forward with the hope that Partey’s signing will help them achieve.

Thomas Partey was asked whether he is aiming to win the Premier League with Arsenal. He replied by saying that, that is their new objective and the objective of the club said.  He added that everyone is willing to win something,more importantly trophies. Though, it is difficult,  they are willing to go all out and try to achieve all of that for themselves.

Partey is impressed with the move because of the progress of Arsenal under Arteta.

Partey who received £200,000-a-week pay still accepted the move after eight years with Atletico. He felt this time,  he had the chance to live in London, to finally work with Arteta and to experience the Premier League. He believes Arsenal is a great family and he will try to help this great club. He claimed he is a fan of the Premier league and La liga and so are most of his friends in Ghana.

Thomas Partey said he knows that Arteta has seen him play and knows what he has to offer. He said as for facing Kevin De Bruyne on debut, “it’s the decision of Mikel. All he can do as a player is to  get used to the style of play before he can play. He said her likes playing the big matches but it all depends on the decision of the coach. He said he needed to get used to the squad and train with them to see how things will play out.


Paulina Atenei Anaba

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