Showbowy Is Looking For Trouble Again!

The self-acclaimed Upper East Music Controller, Ruler, and Bolga Owner, Showbowy, is threading the path of trouble again after having gotten into several fracases with various industry players including DJs, MCs, event organizers, colleague artistes, and even fans.

Showbowy has come out with some controversial claims, some rather wild ones, which he revealed to Soundgh.com in an interview at the last set for a video shoot of one of his songs on his upcoming BBMO Album.

Soundgh.com had asked Showbowy about his impression on the music industry in the region and how he, as an artiste, has contributed to the development of the music industry.

In his very first response, Showbowy claimed that it was he who revived the Upper East Music Industry which hitherto was a vapid shell of itself. He further asserted that he was the only artiste who had successfully organized a show outside the Upper East Regionand was the first artiste to organize a show outside Bolga.

Showbowy boasted that the organization of street carnivals in the region was started by him. All these, he said, added to the development of the music industry and he was proud to have made such strives for the industry.

As part of his efforts to put the region on the map, Showbowy said that he was the only artiste to have represented the Upper East Region three consecutive times at the Tamale Sports Stadium.

Speaking on branding, he also added that he had always seen branding as a way of developing his career as an artist and, in light of that, had done a couple of stuffs. In his own words, he said, “I am the first artiste in the region to print branded T-shirts and a customized bandana.” Having branded T-shirts is a major boost to the brand advertisement of an artiste and to be the first to achieve that in the region bolstered his career.

According to the Juju hitmaker, he was the first artiste to attend a show in a convoy and is the only artiste who supports event organizers by pulling large crowds to help them recoup their expenses through ticket sales. “There is much to say about my repertoire as a musician and we can go on and on”, Showbowy stated.

Still, on his brand as an artiste, Showbowy claimed wildly that he was the only artiste with the appeal and charisma of a musician in the region and for that matter wore original clothes and shoes and always dressed to reflect his status as a musician at all times, unlike his colleagues who bought or probably rented new clothes only when they had a show to play.

When asked to share with his fans something he had done but never bragged about it in public, Showbowy did not hesitate to reply, “I am the only artiste to have booked a flight to Accra for a video shoot and back.” At this point, the director called out to Showbowy and the interview was concluded for the video shoot to commence.


Showbowy has shot videos for about four songs on his yet-to-be-launched BBMO Album and, as the situation of COVID-19 gradually returns to normal, we are highly anticipating this well-hyped album.

Below are some events headlined by Showbowy.

As for the claims he made, Let us know your thoughts in the comments.



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