Romance And The Right Food

Nutrition influences our mood. Fatigue is something we all have to deal with in our individual ways and this is causing lots of distress to almost everyone. We are stressed up, others are depressed and going through a lot of mental distress.

Basically, eating a healthy meal in relation to the 4-star diet as specified by the World health organisation will satisfy our needs for every nutrient; but the handling of food can tamper with some key nutrients and so there’s a need to deliberately incorporate certain foods into your daily meals so you can achieve specific results. You, therefore, need to;

1. Start your day off by having a nutritious breakfast.

2. Be conscious about adding leafy green vegetables to your meals. Fruits and vegetables should be a part of your 24-hour dietary recall.

3. Choose healthy fats (eg. omega 3 fatty acids).

Eating foods that balance fats, protein and vitamins, foods for good blood sugar levels also promotes hormonal balancing, takes care of hypoglycemia which is linked with depression and anxiety. You lift your mood with these foods as well.

We should make sure 40% of our food is from the starchy roots, plantain and tubers, 35% from vegetables and fruits, 20% from animal flesh and protein (products) and 5% from fats, sugar and oils. Now, let’s break it down gradually;

Foods that make us weak(LETHARGIC)

1. Sugary foods eg.; syrup and honey

2. White bread

3. High caffeine drinks

4. Processed foods eg.; potato chips.

Taking these foods stresses the body up. Glucose is sent directly into the bloodstream when these foods are consumed (sends us into hyperactivity or puts us on the urge). Once hypoglycemia sets in due to use up of the glucose, weakness can set in.

Children who are bipolar or with ADHA (Attention-deficit hyperactive disorder) are prone to prolonged outbursts, extreme mood swings, high,low or mixed mood and severe behavioral problems.

Refined sugars and carbohydrates enter the bloodstream quicker. They cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels and studies have also shown a link between artificial colors (eg.; E 150d) and hyperactivity.

Foods that boost energy levels

Foods rich in a variety of fresh, nutrient-rich or dense foods can help reduce the feeling of tiredness or lethargy and boost your vitality.

The 4-star diet sets you on the right path. Tryptophan is an amino acid which produces serotonin that is responsible for mood stability.

Foods that aid in relaxation

Avocado – contains vitamin B for which is good for reducing stress.

Almonds (nuts & seeds) – contains magnesium, responsible for relaxation.

Spinach – also contains magnesium for relaxation.

Greek yoghurt – contains tryptophan which is converted into neurotransmitters which helps with relaxation.

Oats – rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and potassium for proper blood circulation and relaxation.

Romance and the right food

Aphrodisiacs – any substance that aids sexual pleasure/satisfaction (sexual arousal, sexual drive, sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction).

Below are a few examples of foods which are natural aphrodisiacs. Incorporate into your daily meals. I strongly recommend that, we do not abuse these foods and should also be mindful of the combinations in our quest to promote and sustain sexual pleasure.

Watermelon – the amino acid L-citrulline in it is converted into L-arginine in the body and this ensures/contributes to the hardness of the penis (erection) and staying through the act of sexual intercourse.

Ginger – a great source of manganese, essential for a man’s sex drive, sperm count and for the production of testosterone.

Coconut juice 6-8oz/day – contains vitamin E, potassium for immune strength, reduces blood pressure, for muscle contraction and for fluid balancing.

Tiger nut – for sexual arousal and treating erectile dysfunction. It contains magnesium for blood circulation for proper erection and stamina during the act. Contains potassium and vitamin C for a solid immune system, iron for a healthy HB level and vitamin E for the immune system as well.

Ginseng (tea, 1 cup/day) – used to fight stress and also used to boost sexual drive (treats male erectile dysfunction).

Try this recipe at home

1 glass (6-8oz) of freshly squeezed watermelon juice with half teaspoon of ginger powder.
Enjoy this amazing natural aphrodisiac.



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