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“Prostitutes Are Granted Interviews Whilst Talent Is Being Neglected” Top Model Agent Dionne Blasts Ghanaian Media


It seems like Ghanaians are beginning to call out their broadcasters and media houses for giving platforms to talentless people. Although it is fairly silent, it does leave a bad taste in the professionalism and sincerity of the media houses and bloggers, all whilst exposing their desperation for views.

Recently, A Ghanaian prostitute sat for an interview with Cindy Baby on ‘Odokomopa’ on Angel TV, bragged about her job and also gave an insight on how she makes money from what she does.

The lady revealed that she charges from Ghc 2,000-3,000 per night for one on one sex and also engage in live video sex with men. The commercial sex worker disclosed that she loves doing the video calls more because some men even pay more than $300 after a session. More disturbing, discussions were had detailing private parts etc.

She is not the first interview to be interviewed on Angel TV, prior to this, another instagram prostitute by the name of Shugatiti was also giving the opportunity to speak of her lifestyle and how she charges $5000-10000 for sex on Angel TV.

Angel TV which is a part of the Angel Broadcasting Network, a young network that may be looking to establish itself up the ranks of popularity with such shows.

Not to criticize girls who are forsaken to live a life of prostitution, but to give a platform to those that will boast about it is questionable.

Renowned Ghanaian model agent and Ghana’s leading backstage coordinator, Dione Slash Gavin of DSG models took to his status and wrote “Ashawo (prostitute) sef dey grant interview. Whilst talented individuals are not getting the chance for such exposure”.

Media always has its way of capturing what is trending in order to ensure it’s readers stayed glued to their channels or alternatively grow their audience. However, it seems that some platforms are overlooking their overall projection and reputation for the purpose of trending.

In one sense it is arguable that media needs to grow and needs to capture what people are already showing interest in, or controversial issues that will capture an audience. And a lot of Ghanaian media are doing this the right with Tacticful consistency, controversy, and also paid promo.

However, it seems there is a big gap within the Ghanaian press and bloggers separating what most are doing from principle and talent exposure. And there is far too much exploitation of controversy and irrelevance for the sake of hits and views that as far as talent development is concerned there is little to no support unless one pays money.

In more recent times we have seen the tremendous press that occurred when the female celebrities ended up in a catfight. We have seen the media excitement given to the transgender male Angel, and the comedic clown posed as a rapper AY Poyooo.

Nevertheless, upcoming designers, musicians, models, and even established ones are made to pay to be on various Ghanaian press.



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