Politicians Use English To Steal Because Most Ghanaians Have Comprehension Issues – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson says Ghanaian Politicians prefer the use of English Language in order to steal from the people because most Ghanaians have issues with comprehension of the Queen’s language.


According to her, most Ghanaians do not have a better appreciation of the Queen’s language therefore these politicians prefer using it for their activities and dealings. So that most of the citizens will not get grasp of what they are doing.

With this, politicians rob the country of Billions of cedis while the citizens of the country cheer them on.

The actress who has said she will join politics soon made this known in series of posts she made via her Twitter account educating Ghanaians on the need to rise up and speak against the ill treatment meted out to them by politicians.

She said “English, English….. but majority of Ghanaians don’t understand English, they stand before the people and speak what the people don’t understand. Serving the people? Naaa make them understand you! Using ENGLISH to steal from the people who queue to vote for you”.

Although she believes that Ghanaians are currently asleep, she believes that with time the people shall rise to claim their due.

“Ghanaians are still SLEEPING, Ooooh! But trust me! The TIME is coming! We the PEOPLE will rise up!!!!


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