Ogidi Brown Threatens To Kill Fameye and Little Son

Popular artist, record label owner, and businessman Ogidi Brown has threatened his former artist Fameye over unpaid money.

In a Facebook live, Ogidi Brown explained that even though Fameye is not under his record label, the contract between them still remains valid since he wasn’t the one who broke away. According to him, he invested an amount of $50,000 in Fameye’s brand in order for him to make him popular.

He added that a while back, his former signee came to his house with elders to plead with him that they’ll pay the money but after waiting on him to do the needful, Fameye has still refused to pay the money.

Ogidi Brown also stated that he feels very hurt because it looks as tho Fameye has used him when he only wanted to extend a helping hand to him.

In the video Ogidi Brown said things like: “How can you not pay my money yet you have money to organize a concert?”, “Fameye I am giving you two weeks, I am giving you two weeks, it is traditionalist, that will solve our issues for us. $50,000 is nothing to me but trying to cheat me is painful and I’ll send you to Antoa and curse you. I swear to God. Today, you are playing concerts after I invested in you.”, “If i curse you and you die and Ghanaians refuse to listen to my music, I don’t care”.

Watch full video here


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