NPP vs NDC || Who Wins 2020 Election?.

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This year’s election is going to fun and peaceful by God’s beautiful grace, it is just that the pandemic has brought about a bit difference in terms of the way we do things. Therefore each and everyone needs to take care him/herself to be alive and healthy to be able to vote in the coming election in December.

In the meantime, the voters registration is on going so be on the alert immediately it’s started in your polling station be fast and quick to take part in the registration, because that be your power to vote for your party.

However, the editorial team of your beloved blog for latests updates, ZackGh.com just decided to ask the members of the two major political parties in Ghana that who which party do they think will win, just type your party name at the comment section let us start counting.

Note: No Insult Please, it is just for the love of our parties

The Hatman

Zack Agon popularly known as The Hatman, is a song writer, blogger, teacher and a business man. Zack is the CEO of Wordswar Technology & Investment, and the owner of Ghanalegendary.com and has passion for blogging just about every interesting topic. Get in touch the number one Ghanaian promoter on +233244047835 or +233246187160

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