Election 2020: Aggrieved Registered Voters In Nzema Akropong Threaten Court Injunction If EC Does Not Fix The Issues

The aggrieved voters have threatened to go to court if EC does not fix the issues

Two hundred and ninety registered voters of Nzema Akropong Electoral Area in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region have threatened to place court injunction on the coming presidential and parliamentary elections as they did not find their names during the voters register exbition.

The aggrieved voters on Thursday, October 1, 2020 during the one-day voter registration exercise conducted by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, stormed the District office of Ellembelle EC and petitioned the EC boss to put their names in the register.

Speaking exclusively to Western Regional Correspondent after they had petitioned, the District Director of Electoral Commission of Ellembelle, Madam Pearl Klutse, said the EC boss admitted that the deletion was a mistake and assured them that their names would come before the December 7 polls.

But these angry voters said if the EC fails to include their names they would put court injunction on the general Elections.

“I will take a legal action against the EC because I am a Ghanaian and I have to get my identity so if our names did not come I will take a legal action”, one angry voter said.

One angry voter who gave his name as Abubakr Osuman said, “we came here to petition to see if we can register again since our names were not find in the voter register but the EC says we should wait and we too we have given the EC some time and if the time is due and we come again and we did not see our names and pictures, we will take a new step and that step we will not do it as we have done today, we will do a massive demonstration.

“Our names didn’t come at all, persons of 290, our names did not come. EC boss told us that we should be patient because they are working on it and they said they will make sure our names come before the voting day”, he added.

Asking whether the Ellembelle District Electoral Commissioner gave them a specific time for their names to come, he stated “she didn’t tell us the specific time our names will come into the register and we also gave her a short period of time that if we didn’t see our names we will come here again”.

An angry woman has this to say, “we have not yet seen our names, the EC is saying that we should go and come later but we want to see whether our names are in or not, that is our main concern and if we don’t see, then it means our work will be in vein”.

They together chanted, “no names no vote, we will not allow EC to let voting happens at all at Akropong”.

They continued, “and if they didn’t include our names and bring their machines there, what will happen, will happen”.

At the end of one-day registration exercise, 338 persons were registered in the Ellembelle District but later the EC detected duplication of voter ID numbers of 190 registered voters.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana had announced Wednesday, October 7, 2020, as the date for exhibition exercise for those who participated in the one-day nationwide voter registration exercise.


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