Cautioning Osudoku and Other Neighbouring Encroaching Ogome – Yilo Krobo Boundaries and Lands.

The Maklalo of Ogome – Yilo Krobo,  Nene Tetteh Avi II, has issued a strong warning to all those encroaching on Ogome stool lands bounded by  Manya krobo, shai- Osudoku  and  Akwapim state boundary to desist from the act.

All those buying or leasing lands on Ogome stool lands which conveyance is not from the stool are doing that on their own risk. He further warned those encroaching  on the land to remain on their ancient boundary given to them during stool land boundary settlement  to avoid any third war.  We love peace so we do not want any one to stir the still waters.

He added  that information reaching him indicate that some unscrupulous people have  deceive the a high court and are using the judgement gotten from the court to encroach on the Stool lands. 

I the Maklalo is warning land commission and judges to do due diligence on issues on land ownership to secure the peace we are enjoying.

From the Chief of Staff for Ogome Yilo Krobo Maklalo.

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