Netizens Reacts After Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ Corona Quacks Exposé

Investigative reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas went undercover in Ghana, exposing a Covid-19 scam said to be worth thousands of dollars.

The highly awaited video of Anas Aremeyaw Anas titled Corona Quacks as provoked the anger of many Ghanaians who were left unsatisfied and unimpressed in the wake of the exposé’s airing on the various media platforms in the country.

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According to reactions sighted on social media, the unsatisfied Ghanaians took to their social media accounts to descend on Anas Aremeyaw Anas and how disappointed they were as against what they anticipated to see in the video that was aired yesterday, 29 June.

A section of Ghanaians who have started pouring in their disappointment about the video had hope days before the video’s airing only for them to discover that it was contrary to top officials in government who have fallen into the trap and hence become his latest victims.

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Some Ghanaians also argued that the title in hype did not exactly correspond to what the video had been anticipated from the exposé.

However, others didn’t see the need to air it on BBC if he was doing this project for the love for Ghana.

Below are some of the comments:

@kingmaaley “De nigga waste ma eyes kwa

@I_am_destyler: “See we are not saying it’s useless oo why say this issue must go to bbc

@Mr_Ceyram: “Anas disappoint boys o. I sure say this expose ,he take give G.I.J student as project work

@Ankamgyimi: “Boys were expecting the expose tobe about top Government officials and has given us Dr. Abdellah eei. Anas spoil boys wanna party

@Osei Dompreh Dickson“Anas you are doing a great work BUT you are specifically making your work over damage the reputation and integrity of Ghana. This kind of investigation should only be aired in Ghana. This is not an investigation that so serious to be internationalized. The BBC which is a UK news agency deliberately hides some local news from the international community unless you switch your VPN to the UK or Europe.”

@Arhin Evans: “Your are disgracing your motherland to your enemies though it is a good job.”



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