TuneAudit develops curriculum that projects the African sound


Ghanaian music instructional company, TuneAudit, has put together a curriculum to teach musicians the rudiments of music.

In tandem with this, a masterclass comprising two sessions ( for beginners class and intermediate to advanced class) has been held.

Participants of the masterclass

Participants had a swell time learning how to script and interpret various musical tunes.

The tune scored below, which is the famous Ewe lullaby Tutuugbovi was one of the several examples used for illustration at the maiden edition of the solfa-notation masterclass.

Other musical tunes used for illustration were “Die Gedanken sind frei”, a German song about freedom of thought, twinkle twinkle little star, when peace like a river, etc.

Kenneth Woanyah, the founder of TuneAudit and also, tutor for this maiden workshop, stressed the importance and benefits of understanding the basic skill of scoring and interpreting music using tonic solfa.

The way forward with the solfa-notation masterclass is to replace all “foreign” examples and illustrations with African, mostly Ghanaian tunes.

According to him, “most musicians from Ghana, and by extension Africa have a big problem with musical appreciation, originality, and application mostly because they’ve only had access to courses that have a ‘one-sided’ curriculum.|

Kenneth Woanyah, Founder of TuneAudit

“The purpose of doing this is to project the African sound, and to make the learning experience very relatable, thereby inspiring originality in songwriting and musical expression,” he added.



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