Dating A Lady Who Cannot Help You Financially Is A Waste Of Time

A social media influencer called Queen Preshiii has sparked Controversy on Twitter after she advised men to date ladies who are Financially independent.

It is an open secret that most ladies like to date men who are financially sound. But the tide seems to be changing as men are tired of dating jobless women.

That being said, Queen Preshiii believes that men should proceed and date women who can support them when they are broke.

According to her, it is a complete waste of time for men to date women who can’t support them when they are in dire need of financial assistant.

She went ahead to advice men to date sensible women who are financially independent.

She wrote; dating a lady who cannot help you financially when you are broke is a total waste of time. Men am I communicating?”

Her Tweet got several reactions especially from men who seemed to agree with her assertion.

See her post below:



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