Do You Often Wake Up Between 3am And 5am? Here is What It Means

Sometimes you go to bed with the number of hours for your sleep in mind , though you don’t expect to be awake at a certain point within such hours, you suddenly wake up.

Do you go back to sleep ? Or what is it that you do when you wake up before the normal time for you to wake up? We cannot choose to do or make things work out as planned ones nature plays a role in our lives.

If you are a victim to awakening from sleep between 3am and 5am, you should know that it happens for a purpose. You know, everything that happens in this life, happens for a purpose. Understand that you aren’t alone .

In this article, we will find out what it actually means when you wake up between 3am and 5am before the normal time for awakening.

First and foremost, it is a great time for meditation. In those hours of dawn, there isn’t a noise and so the environment is quite and soft . There is mostly a low environmental vibration frequency in the atmosphere and that is a good time for meditation and skill drafting.

If you are a singer, writer, artist, dancer or any creative activity you do, then is the time to let the ideas flow like spring of water. Immediately your eyes gets open and wide at that time, sit up as quick as possible and begin to dig deep in the ideas that will come .

Some people are fond of going back to slept once they wake up at such time; bu it is wrong to do such. Once your eyes are felt open on the bed , put your feet on the ground and sit upright, then the sleep will totally vanish.

Now when you wake up between such time , grab your jotter or journal and start writing any idea that comes in mind. Imagine you have dream during your sleep , and then the next day you forget the details of that dream whilst you want to tell a friend.

You see, just get a journal and start writing that song, start drawing that image you are imagining, start putting the various dance moves on the paper. It is a great time to wake up between 3am and 5am, because it is a time for the successful and the conquerors.

Sometimes too , it can be a sign that God wants you to do something and if you force to go back to sleep, you will miss that which God wants to let you know.Use that time to pray to God and ask for His favors.

I hope you have learnt one or two from this write ups. Thanks for reading and please drop your thoughts by commenting in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share and like this article. Thanks for reading and please stay safe.



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