5 Things Everyone Should Know About Sex That They Don’t Teach You [ARTICLE]


In a recent thread on Reddit, people have been sharing all of the things they wish they’d been taught about sex that would have saved them a whole lot of embarrassment and physical discomfort.

Condoms don’t stop everything

From The Ringmistress : “Some STIs (herpes and some HPV strains) can be transmitted through skin to skin contact even if you use a condom. These STIs are very common and arent tested for by doctors unless you specifically ask.”

You should pee after sex

From : “They never taught us to pee after sex. I always heard and read that you should but for some reason I didn’t think that you had to immediately pee after the sex sesh. Well, I’ve sure learnt my lesson. I ended up getting a UTI for the first time but I didn’t even know because it was asymptomatic. No pain, just thought I was dehydrated because I wasn’t passing much. Halfway through my night shift at work one night I went to the bathroom and immediately recognized something was wrong and I started getting pain on my right side. Ended up leaving work and drove myself to hospital at around 10pm. Admitted myself, got tested and and yep, I had a kidney infection. They pumped me full of hardcore antibiotics and hooked me up to fluids. Stayed there for a good few hours, went home and the next day started an antibiotic course for about 2 weeks. Was definitely a little scared.”

Foreplay is crucial, especially for women

Sex isn’t just about the act itself, but everything around it. Communicating with your partner, knowing what they like, and turning them on, are all important. From purpledrank7855 : “Foreplay makes alllllll the difference. Don’t rush that shit if you care about your partner climaxing. And don’t let porn vids be your guide. Ask your partner what they like and do that thing. Tell your partner what you like. Communication is key for good sex. Why make me pick the lock when I can just ask for the combination?”

Porn isn’t real life

It’s important to remember that porn is fantasy, and that trying to recreate it in real life will often end up being disappointing, and even painful. From Gryphin : “I once heard Ron Jeremy long ago say in an interview, ‘if it looks good, it feels like shit to us doing it. When it feels good, it looks like shit on a camera.’ I then stopped trying to get the camera-angle-doggy bullshit, and go with whatever got us both going, and ya, you’re never going to film sex that feels good. This why the amateur category on porn sites looks like two people in a sleeping bag when a couple decides to put a camera on a tripod and film themselves. They are having a damn good time, feeling damn good, and it looks like shit from across the room.”

Consent matters

This is an obvious one, but it bears repeating that enthusiastic, vocal consent is necessary, not just the absence of a no. From hellomynameisli : “No means no, but not saying no doesn’t mean yes by default.”


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