Ghanaian pastor caught ‘chopping’ the wife of his church elder


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There is a sad and disturbing story of pastor who has been caught pants down sleeping with his church elder’s wife fast going viral.

The man who has been identified as the leader of church here in Ghana was set to sleep within his church elders wife when a team of guys stormed the room.

The Osofo was half nakked when the guys stormed his room and ordered him to remove the rest of his cloths.

From the look of things, the elder’s wife was in on it connived with the guys to disgrace the pastor.

The wife of the pastor who was shocked and angry was invited to the scene of the incident and she could not believe the things she was seeing.

Well, watch the video below. Maybe he may even be your pastor lol

This is not the first time that incident has been captured on camera in Ghana in recent times.

A couple of months ago, Osofo Appiah aka Appiah Atopa was caught red handed attempting to sleep with a young girl in her mother’s bedroom


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