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‘I was scared for my life’ – Maguire opens up on Greece incident as Man Utd captain insists he won’t apologise

The England defender is appealing after being found guilty of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and repeated attempts of bribery in Greece

Harry Maguire says he was scared for his life during the recent incident which saw him found guilty of aggravated assault in Greece, with the Manchester United captain maintaining he won’t apologise for his actions.

Maguire, 27, has already appealed and maintained his innocence after being handed a 21-month suspended prison sentence on Tuesday.

The Man Utd captain was found guilty of charges of aggravated assault, resisting arrest, and repeated attempts of bribery after an incident in Mykonos, Greece last week.

Speaking to BBC Sport’s Dan Roan in his first public interview since the incident, Maguire said he thought he was being kidnapped – and denied that he had attempted to bribe police.

“These two men approached my little sister,” Maguire said.

“They asked where she was from, she responded and then my fiancee saw her eyes going to the back of her head. She ran over, and she was fainting, in and out of consciousness.

“My initial thought, I thought we were getting kidnapped. We got down on our knees, put our hands in the air.

“They started hitting us, he got one of my hands in the handcuff and he was hitting my leg saying, ‘Your career’s over, no more football, you won’t play again’.

“At that point I thought there’s no chance these are police, I don’t know who they are, I tried to run away. I was in that much of a panic, fear… I was scared for my life.”


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