Covid-19: A Young Ghanaian Has Found A Medicine He Believe Can Cure Coronavirus

In this on going coronavirus crisis many researchers and scientists have resorted to their various labs working tirelesly trying to find a cure for this strange deadly virus that has brought about grief to many families across the globe with the death rate increasing each day.

A young Ghanaian serial facebooker by the name Agonbiri Akonsabe has suggested what he thinks can cure the coronvirus disease, with clove known as ‘Pepre’ in the Akan, a Ghanaian language.

Popularly known as ‘Argon’ got to his facebook handle and posted the following:

‘I believe it can cure most of the symptoms of Covid-19. Okay so i saw Eugenia Caryophyllata written on a certain medicine so i decided to google to find out its common name. As Agric graduate wey no get farm, i love botanical names. So when i did, i found out that E. caryophyllata be Clove (that’s the common name). And it belongs to the family myertaceae. I found out that it is antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, antibacterial,antipyretic (reduces fever), antiparasitic (endoparasites especially}, … In fact anti-so many things. lol. But you know what? I still wasn’t moved o brethren… Because i told myself , ”abi garlic too can do many of these ”anti stuff”. Do you know what struck me just as i was about to end my little kokonsa research? Guess what? Madagascar is the second largest producer of Cloves (E. caryophyollata) IN THE WORLD.
Guys dont you think this spice is the major ingredient found in Madagascar’s Corona herbal tea? Guys should we dey there and die? Cant we prepare some tea out of this? Cant we even prepare Sobolo and add a lot of cloves? Because Sorrel (sobolo) contains vitamin c. But dont over drink it oo, there are side-effects too. And make sure you wear your nosemasks, wash your hands and regularly use your sanitizers. Thank you.’

Check his post below:Covid-19: A Young Ghanaian Has Found A Medicine He Believe Can Cure Coronavirus


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