YOLO RC first project of the year 2020 at the BONGO CHIEF PALACE

YOLO RC, one of the dominant and vibrant youth groups in the Upper East Region decided to start the year with a clean-up exercise at the palace of the Paramount Chief of Bongo.

The Paramount Chief, Naaba Lemyaarum Salifu, expressed his gratitude to the group, and stressed that he was happy to see a group of young people taking such a bold and positive initiative. The chief seized the opportunity to advise the group on some pressing social issues and urged them to keep up the good work.

Yolo RC, Rockcity Bongo

Yolo RC Bongo Rockcity
Some Yolo RC members working hard.

“YOLO” stands for “You Only Live Once” and the RC stands for “Rockcity”. Simply, the group is a youth wing of the sensational music group, Rockcity, the “Beer” and “Akayet” hit-makers. The group believes that every individual has a single chance to live on earth, thus one needs to make that single lifetime worthwhile by having a positive influence on society.

Bongo Youth Group, Yolo RC

Their main objectives therefore include injecting positivity in the youth through peer education, contributing to societal change by engaging in voluntary work, and supporting the activities of Rockcity, one of the music giants in the region.

Asked whether this was the first time the group engaged in a clean-up exercise, the group pointed out that it had undertaken so many activities in the year 2019 which included a similar clean-up exercise at some hospitals in the region, and visited some schools in the region where the group engaged students on social issues like teenage pregnancy, drug abuse, among others. The group made it clear that the clean-up exercise was just a tip of the iceberg of what they intend to do in the year 2020.

Yolo RC Visits Bongo Paramount Chief Palace after Clean Up Activities
Yolo RC Visits Bongo Paramount Chief Palace after Clean Up Activities

YOLO RC is a group with “Positive Attitude” and they are here to make a difference.


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