Ghanaian Singer Vivie Reveals Why She Changed her Name


Vivie, a Ghanaian female musician, has disclosed why she changed her identity and how it has benefited her.

Many celebrities alter their true identities yet use their given names on stage or in interviews.

Ghanaian Singer Vivie Reveals Why She Changed her Name

Vivie explained to TV3’s Showbiz with Giovani that she changed her name because when she first entered the entertainment industry, she discovered that people found it difficult to pronounce her real name, “Dzifah Vivie,” so she quickly changed it after signing a record label deal with Zacknation Entertainment.

Due to her unique lifestyle and being one of Ghana’s most popular songwriters, the singer has been able to capture the hearts of many Ghanaians with her songs.

Vivie made a point of saying, “the name Vivie symbolizes “sweetness.”
Check out her first single of the year, “Y3 Som,” and listen to it below.


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