GES To Allow Students Repeat Their Respective Classes To Enhance Their Knowledge

An Educationist, Daniel Oppong, has called on the Ghana Education Service (GES) to allow students repeat their respective classes to enhance their knowledge.


This statement by the Daniel Oppong, comes after the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, speaking during the 16th Covid-19 update address announced that the Ghana Education Service, after further consultations, has decided to postpone the remainder of the academic year for all nursery, kindergarten, primary, JHS 1 and SHS 1 students.

He added that the next academic year will resume in January 2021, with appropriate adjustments made to the curriculum, to ensure that nothing is lost from the previous year.

“The relevant dispositions will also be made so that the presence, at the same time, in school of all streams of students, can occur in safety”, the Akufo-Addo said.

Before the imposition of restrictions following the outbreak of covid-19, students in nursery, kindergarten, primary, JHS 1 and SHS 1 had already started the second term of the academic year.

In an interview with host of Atinka FM’s AM Drive, Ekourba Gyasi, Educationist, Daniel Oppong, who is enthused about the development argued that it would be better for the students to repeat classes for an additional year and better their knowledge in their respective classes since they had stayed home for such a long time.

“I want the GES to allow these students to repeat the classes so that the students re-learn everything they had already learnt to enrich themselves.  I think it would be better than gambling with the health of these students. It’s just one year. Trust me, these students have already forgotten what they learnt before the outbreak of COVID-19,” he explained.

Asked whether or not the change in the academic calendar will not affect the students, Educationist, Daniel Oppong said the calendar will not interfere in the studies of these students.

Source: Atinka Online

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