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Former Ghana player claims he is Rashford’s biological father

In comments to the Ghanaian radio station ‘Starr FM’, Michael Boye Marquaye surprised everyone by saying that he is Marcus Rashford’s biological father. The striker is officially the son of the Jamaican Joseph Rashford and Melanie Rashford from St Kitts and Nevis.

The former Ghanaian international, 65, who lives in the UK, gave some details to the cited media outlet: “Rashford is my son and he knows it although we haven’t seen each other for several years.”

“Initially he was angry because he thinks I abandoned him, but that was not the case,” added a Marquaye who wanted to make clear that he is not looking for a personal interest with these comments.

Many now are trying to come to me to try and get a new story, but I’m not that type of person who looks for an easy way to get money or become famous. I only wanted to make things clear and let the world know that Marcus Rashford has Ghanaian roots,” he said about the Man Utd striker.


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