Ratty Bangarang born as Sulemana Zulkarnain,is moshie by tribe,born in Bawku on 25th January 1996 but later settled in Bolga in the year 1998.He is the trending  dancehall artiste when it comes to the northern sector of Ghana currently And He is the winner of Sagani_tv ‘chop da mic’ this year 2020(the second edition).

When asked what motivated  him to do music,He answered by saying that he wanted to Change the face of his family,especially the struggles his parents went through and making his fans,well wishers, and community proud was his greatest source of Inspiration. Cause He really wanted to make them proud.

Zackgh further asked Ratty Bangarang  who his role models were,He responded that,
Iwan his godfather and stonebwoy are his role models so,that’s is why He (Ratty) calls himself  the ‘young bhim’.

Talking about his achievements, He said: “making huge fans and waves in and outside the region and On top of it all is been the first ever in the history of upper east music to win a national music reality show(chop the mic)” hosted by Sagani_tv,aTelevision station based in Tamale Program.

Zackgh further asked if he ever regretted doing music, He reacted by saying, No regrets at all, cause He always pray to ensure Allah shows him the right direction.

“As a Muslim and a Rastafarian,the greatest and best role I could play is to affect those around me positively as well as entertain and educate through music” this to Ratty is his role in the world around him.

Ratty major or greatest obstacle in the music business is Finance.He explained that most of the people in the region doesn’t understand much about the music business and so are not willing to invest their monies into it there by making it difficult for them to record songs and shot videos.

His greatest legacy is to be remembered as the greatest man whose ultimate aim was to ensure justice and see smile and changes in the life of the sufferer.He also wants to be remembered in this life and hereafter.

Ratty Bangarang ended his conversation by advising the young ones to ‘Seek The knowledge in knowing God in whatever they are doing, “love yourself, work hard ,appreciate what you have ,pray constantly and remember to always keep a clean heart and mind towards anyone cause the evil minded shall find no peace nor success”.




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