Maxwell is  Ewe Bolga born and SHS graduate, a NABIA for that matter.

The name Wayzoor literally means Welcome in the Ewe language of the Volta Region of Ghana. He is one of the rising stars among the numerous young talented music artist in the Upper East Region.

Wayzoor started doing music at an early age with a talent grooming house in Bolga the capital of the Upper East region called ABI YOU KNOW founded by another talented rapper from the regional capital, called  Yeraw.

Yeraw no doubt is seen as his godfather in the music industry who inspired him a lot. Fast forward Wayzoor started recording demos and mixtapes, most of which were rap music since he was trained by a rapper. He gradually became a common name among his peers and school mates in NAVASCO.

In his second year SHS, Wayzoor got introduced to his current manager Abdallah Sandow one of the showbiz person in Bolga and the CEO of SABIGA EMPIRE a modeling and event house.      He immediately loved his talent and potentials, and they agreed to work together. Goddy Gandaa as one of the important management team members plays a critical role in wayzoor rapidly growing.

His management studied the terrain and his potential, quickly converted him from a rapper to a singer. The reason wasn’t that he was not doing good as a rapper, but the change was strategic according to the manager.

Many even believed he rap better than most of the acclaimed good rappers in the game.

Wayzoor shot into limelight after collaborating with Westside Entertainment sensational rapper Nambawan on a track titled, Dahb for me, which was recorded and mixed by Best best in Bolga. After that, he recorded several nice songs sole and featured most artists from the region.

The current successful collaboration is a hit track featuring DH INT. Star boy Sarauta called Never Give Up. Wayzoor has shot one video of his song titled I Can’t Deny you. He is currently working on his second video, Never Give Up featuring Emp. Sarauta. The video is 95% done will be released on his youtube channel soon.

Information from a deep throat indicates that Wayoor is currently in the studio working on his debut E.P which he promised is going to be a game-changer and will have some of your favorite artists on the E.P. The 5

WAYZOOR is inspired by all the artists in the region but most of his inspiration he said, is driven by his mentor and No. 10 brother Stone Boy.

His message to all industry players is that, to rise above our differences and support each other with positivity.



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