I’m more than Fameye, I’m the next Sarkodie – Nharuto

Battling has been part of rap music since it is always difficult to find out who is the best among the rest. For this reason, battling has become almost inseparable from rap music identity.

Even more significant is how our engagement with these battles suggests that battling is part of our Ghanaian music identity as well.

Young and talented upcoming Ghanaian rapper from the central region of Ghana, has boldly come out with a freestyle rap boldly proclaiming that he’s more than Fameye and that he’s the next Ghanaian award winning rapper (Sarkodie)

Watch the video below :

He said this in a rap battle show on social media which was organized by (No fake studio) with the aim of helping young men and women who are talented as far as rap music is concerned.

In an interview with the rapper (Nharuto), he said that his concern about Ghanaian music has always been positive and that whoever want to be part of Ghanaian music legends is expected to write good songs to benefit the life of the people and the youth especially.


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