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Check out why Patapaa is still trending

Check out why Patapaa is still trending

On the 2nd ofJanuary 2021, Ghanaian musician and ‘One Corner’ hitnaker Patapaa Amisty tied the knot with his long time German Girlfriend, Liha Miller in his home town.

The wedding ceremony was superb with so many people gathered to support the Agona Swedru superstar.

However, the funny instance at the wedding that Ghanaians on Twittee couldn’t hold but to react is Patapaa’s kiss to his wife.

Some Netizens described the kiss as unromantic and weird, meanwhile others who understood the reason behind as it just for him trend turned it into fun aand commented in a hillarious way to support.

Meanwhile, kissing at weddings has become a common feature of Ghanaian wedding ceremonies. While some couple prefer a simple kiss, others try to exhibit some Hollywood kissing styles” to prove that they are ‘lips professors’.

Pataleezy’s ‘famous kiss’ attracted several comments from Twitter users with some saying:

Patapaa ein kiss can break a concrete wall, by the way, congratulations,” a tweep wrote.

“What a kiss! Congratulations to Patapaa and his lady,” another wrote.

Patapaa dey kiss like Accra traffic bumper to bumper,” another fan wrote on Twitter.

The ‘Swedru superstar’ surprised many after pictures and videos of his wedding flooded social media. His wedding was the ‘talk of town’ as it was part of the top Twitter trends of January 2, 2020.

Check out the Twitter reactions below


Check out why Patapaa is still trending

Check out why Patapaa is still trending


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