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Ayisha Modi dares Samini to go live to expose Stonebwoy and she’ll take him on

Ayisha Modi, the ‘godmother’ of Stonebwoy has dared Samini to carry out his threat of coming live on social media to expose Stonebwoy as their latest banter over the Grammys continues.

It would be recalled that Stonebwoy had congratulated Nigerian artists who won awards at this year’s Grammys. His comments about Ghanaian artists not doing well didn’t sit well with Samini who said he was disappointed in him for making such comments.

As the banter continued, a fan asked what exactly it was that Stnebwoy has done to Samini that has made him attack him at the least opportunity.

Samini thought that the fan was asking too much of him about his relationship with Stonebwoy and what has been brewing the seemingly bad blood between them.

He then added, in reply to the fan that he was going to go live this week to address the issue and but it to be once and for all.

see the reply to the fan’s query below:

Samini’s thought of coming live on social media to expose Stonebwoy didn’t apparently sit well with his ‘godmother’ Ayisha Modi, who feels she has just about enough filla to also expose Samini if he dares do what he plans.

Ayisha Modi dared Samini to carry out his threat and she would reply in equal measure, adding that hers would shake the social media space.

She took to Instagram to dare Samini to go ahead.

She wrote:

Who is coming live to expose who? Am here waiting. What nonsense kraaa is this,? 😂😂😂😂😂 Arrrr Ghana go sweet ruff😂😂😂😂😂. Remember if I also come live it will be on becoming be becoming 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. I will come live and later live social Media for the rest of my life cos my live will Boom 💥 the whole Ghana . @samini_dagaati biko come let’s do this fast so I can go back to sleep 😴. Baba and solo come here cos u both have some questions to Answer. Stupidity at it best. @sonniballi is calling u. I will bring back full history. Nana king and Nana queen will be popular again.

This stuff is cherished in the social media space in this country, hence, we wait to see if Samini does go on to reveal all the gist about his truncated relationship with Stonebwoy.


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