A 105-Year-Old Wife Finally Says Goodbye To Her 120-Year-Old Husband After 80 Years

This is a screenshot of the postDeath as they said is inevitable and as your days on earth reaches, you will surely go home to rest. Even though death is the sad end of every individual but sometimes, it turns out to be a happy moment for some people considering the age they have lived for. Marriage on the other hand is a high contributing factor to a person living long on earth. 

A lovely couple have saddened the hearts of many social media users after photos of them were shared on social media as the 105 years old wife finally says goodbye to her 120 years old husband after 80 years of being together.

According to health experts, being in a happy marriage has a lot of health benefits on the individuals involved. Some of these health benefits include less likely to die of cancer, protection from heart diseases, low risk of stroke, age more happily, live longer, and longer overall lasting health and among others.

I am sure that the above health benefits of a happy marriage was the hallmark of the marriage between this couples who were able to live together for good 80 years. According to the post that was shared on social media, the old man and his wife are both 120 years and 105 years old respectively and have been married for 80 years. After such a long and happy marriage, the wife who is 105 years finally said goodbye to her husband after a long journey of 80 years of being together.

Even though it is somehow sad for the 105 years old wife to finally go home as she part ways with her 120 years old husband, I think they have come a long way. They have fully enjoyed every aspect of their relationship. I think it is a sad but beautiful moment every married couple must learn from. 

No matter how young we are today, it may be our turn someday but is it going to end like this in such a beautiful moment? Are our various relationships stable enough to embark on such a long journey? If not, then we need to do something about it for our own benefits.


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