Ignore Malicious Statement From So-called “Concerned Youth Of Bekwai

Ignore Malicious Statement From So-called "Concerned Youth Of Bekwai


The malice-laden motives of the assigns of our political adversaries in the Bekwai constituency have been clearly exposed.



The attention of the rank and file of the party in the Bekwai constituency has been drawn to a statement coming from the stables of persons parading themselves under the disguise of “Concerned Youth of Bekwai” and being published under the headline “We shall not let any villager rule us in this constituency”.

The general public is first and foremost entreated to disregard the above with haste and treat it with all deserving contempt when they come across it.

The ill-desired stormy effusions in the said article are clearly the handiwork of a bitter, dysfunctional and disingenuous attempt by rogue elements to impugn the impeccable integrity of Hon. Joe Osei -Owusu and cause disaffection among the cross-section of constituents who hail from the other communities aside Bekwai.

In fact, the names attached to the statements are not even aware of this statement and why their names will be used to perpetrate such a release.





As implied earlier, the characters behind this are known pirates of our political opponents. The so-called Okatakyie have not just launched a vile crusade against Hon. Joe Osei Owusu, he is on record to have profusely insulted the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in unprintable language.

The fact remains that throughout his stewardship Hon. Joe Wise has been equitable in the distribution of his cake amongst all communities. A move that members of these communities themselves can attest. Though not all communities have had all their needs completely met, some effort is already afoot.



Therefore, to orchestrate the impression that he does not regard and disrespects constituents from adjoining communities is not only erroneous but will fall flat in the face of the evidence available and as such will not wash.

Such schemes are desperate signals that whoever they are working for has already started feeling the taste of defeat hence their distressed attempts to issue failed articles at this.

Below is a copy of the cowardly fake statement;

For immediate release….



We first of all write to thank the party leadership for taking such a bold decision by disqualifying Lawyer Amofa Agyemang. This is a justification that the good works of Rt. Hon. Joseph Osei-Owusu has been recognized by the party leadership.




The information we gather is that, he (Lawyer Amofa Agyemang) intends running as an independent candidate in this constituency. We want to assure all supporters to remain calm and resolute since he will not get even 10% of the popular votes.
How on earth are we (CONCERNED YOUTH OF BEKWAI) going to sit down for someone from Asokore, a Category B town to lead this constituency? Don’t we have great men in Bekwai township?
Party faithfuls, let me assure all that, as concerned youth of Bekwai, we shall work tirelessly and bring victory to the party and Bekwai township is poised to lead this campaign for victory.
4 More for Nana
4 more for Joe Wise.
Thank you.

Eugene Osei- Poku

Francis Brenya


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