Nene Tetteh Avi II Maklalo Revisited Yilo Krobo History To Reveal Truth.

Nene Tetteh Avi II Maklalo Revisited Yilo Krobo History To Reveal Truth.


The manklalo of Ogome state in the Yilo Krobo of the Eastern Region, Nene Tetteh Avi II of Ogome had realised historic gap between the old generation and the New generation is creating a lot of harm than good. He realized the huge deficit in the knowledge of our rich culture heritage,tradition, art, moral values, language, custom, and patriotism among the present generation and we cannot afford losing them.

He for see a lot of economic gains in the art, culture and tourism industry in Ghana. He said the young people who are talented in this field should be assisted and promoted globally.

He is asking the government especially the art and tourism ministry to build a museum, art and culture centers in every District. He discovers that Ghanaian love their culture and will be happy watching our rich culture display and enjoy them for fees if well promoted.

He added that the foreign culture is promoting corruption, and decaying the moral fabric in our society, politics and even our educational system.

He want the literate to endeavor to keep the record of the past and educate the present generation on them so as to bridge the gap since ignorance is a serious disease. Moreover Nene Tetteh Avi II asked that speaking and writing in our Ghanaian language should be promoted since language is the only medium for preserving our culture heritage.

He acknowledged that he is a beneficiary of past records of the Yilo Krobo. He has therefore decided to publish the event of the past to reveal truth.

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